Black plastic pots

When plastic is anything but fantastic…

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2018. This year the Earth Day Network is focusing on the issue of plastic pollution, and using April 22nd to spread the word and inspire everyone to think about how they can reduce their own use of plastics. We have suddenly woken up to just how big a problem plastics have […]

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Three seedlings

How to look after your seedlings

As your carefully sown seeds begin to germinate, and the windowsills of your house start to fill up with pots of tiny plants, you might be wondering how to keep them growing healthily until they are ready to plant out in your new cutting patch. Seedlings may seem very delicate, but given the right conditions […]

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Fennel flowers with ladybird

Five herbs to grow for their flowers

Herbs are great plants to have in the garden – choose the right one and you have a plant that’s easy to grow, brilliant for cooking with, and can either look good year round or give you a burst of seasonal interest. A lot of garden herbs are grow for their leaves. Parsley, mint and […]

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Cornflower 'Black Ball'

Get growing – how and when to sow annual seeds

Now that you have a list of plants to grow in your cutting patch, it’s time to start thinking about sowing some seeds. Exactly when to start sowing depends on a number of things – the weather, soil conditions, and how much space you have indoors to grow plants until they are ready to go […]

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Bunch of homegrown flowers

The Jam Jar Cut Flower Garden – what to grow

We’re going to start by focusing on annuals in The Jam Jar Cut Flower Garden. Annuals germinate, grow and flower all in one year, so they are a quick and easy way to grow flowers for cutting. I’ve drawn up a plan for my patch, a border that’s 1.2m x 2.5m. I’ve deliberately kept the […]

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Cowslip flowers

Do you grow cowslips?

In a previous blogging life I wrote a short post about cowslips (Primula veris), and why every garden should have some. That was over five years ago now, but it remains the most viewed post on my old blog (The Garden Deli), and still gets regular visits. Cowslips, it seems, are popular plants. In a […]

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