Calendula flowers

Fast Flowers

Annuals are the fast-living members of the flowering plant world. Their entire life cycle, from seed germination to seed production, can be completed in just a few months. They have one purpose, there’s one reason for the flowers they produce, to make seed and ensure there will be a next generation. Annuals can bring almost […]

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Sweet peas

The monk and the school teacher – a sweet pea story

I used to grow flowers for cutting, and sold them through a local cafe. It soon became obvious any bunch of flowers containing sweet peas would sell whole a lot faster than those without them. Everyone loved the ‘old-fashioned’ scent sweet peas brought to a bouquet. But for cut flower growers there’s a trade-off between […]

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Honey bee on a purple poppy

Flower trends for 2018

Purple, locally grown and edible seem likely to be some of the flowery trends we’re going to be seeing this year. The forecasts for what will be hot in 2018 are suggesting a move towards outdoor living and ecologically inspired gardens, while florists will be creating floral displays suspended from ceilings at the most on-trend […]

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The flower garden in January

It’s relatively quiet in the flower garden at the start of the new year. The ground is often frosty and usually wet, so now is a time for planning rather than planting. Whether you want to completely redesign a border, add a cutting patch or wildflower meadow to the garden, or just need new ideas […]

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The diversity of flowers

Flicking through the richly illustrated pages of a seed catalogue, wandering around your local independent nursery or visiting the florist shop on the high street, you may begin to think that there is just too much choice when it comes to shopping for flowers. They come in pretty much all shapes and sizes, colours and […]

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