Podcasts for flower lovers

Rose and sweet pea bouquet

I first began listening to podcasts when I discovered there was a whole world of food programmes available to download and enjoy… Radio Cherry Bombe is still my go-to podcast when I’m in the kitchen. Things got even better when I discovered there were podcasts for gardeners too. Now I can listen and learn, be inspired and find new gardens and flowery businesses to visit. These are my favourite three floral podcasts at the moment…

Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

Debra Prinzing is a writer and speaker based in Seattle. She is also a major figure in promoting and supporting the home grown flower market in the USA. Debra presents a weekly podcast, interviewing flower growers and florists. Each episode is an insight into how these flower-based businesses were started, what has been successful (and sometimes what hasn’t) and how the business has evolved. But most of all it’s about what that week’s interviewee loves about working with flowers. There are also industry insights, lots of floral news and shout outs for upcoming events. If you are a flower grower or florist, or just like listening to people talk enthusiastically about flowers, this is a great podcast for you. So many ideas to take away, insider tips and business know how… wherever in the world you are based.

Botanical Brouhaha

For another flowery listening treat, you should try Botanical Brouhaha. The podcast features interviews with florists and flower farmers who share their business and design philosophies. Co-hosts Amy McGee and Maria Maxit bring huge enthusiasm to their exploration of the floristry world. This is another America based podcast, but there are international interviews too. I’ve just listened to an episode with Fiona Pickles of Firenza Floral Design in Yorkshire, and was immediately drawn to her Instagram feed – fabulous photos!

I’m relatively new to the Botanical Brouhaha podcast, but have already subscribed so that I don’t miss out any more. Let me know if you follow this one too – we can swap notes on favourite episodes!

Wild Flower (Half) Hour

If wildflowers are more your thing, then the Wild Flower (Half) Hour is definitely for you. It’s a wonderfully informative exploration of all things botanical. There are tips on identifying plants, profiles of British and Irish wildflowers, and interviews with botanists who talk about research and news from the world of plants. The podcast also encourages everyone to get outdoors and start looking for wildflowers in their area, and raises awareness of the challenges facing our native wildflowers.

If the podcast inspires you to discover more about wildflowers, there is also the weekly #wildflowerhour on Twitter. You can post photos of wild plants you’ve seen flowering during the week (there’s always lots of help with identifying them if needed), ask questions, or just enjoy everyone else’s pictures and news.


So, that’s what I’m listening to at the moment. I know there must be lost of inspiring and informative podcasts for growers, florists and gardeners out there. Which do you listen to? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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