Pink anemone

Bee & Bouquet celebrates the beauty of flowers and their role in our lives. Flowers are everywhere. We fill our gardens with them, eat the fruits, seeds and grains they produce, give them to friends and family for birthdays and anniversaries, carry them on our wedding day, and wear their scents in our perfumes. They are an expression of love, joy, welcome and respect. And in the natural world, flowers play their part in providing food for the insects, bats and hummingbirds that pollinate them.

There are so many stories to tell about flowers, the traditions built around them, their commercial cultivation for essential oils, food and cut flowers, their natural history, and the origins and future of their cultivation as garden plants. These are the stories we will be telling here. There will also be plenty of practical flower growing information and ideas to help you make the most of your own flower garden.


Sarah Smith – writer and photographer

I’m freelance writer. I write mainly about gardens (especially gardens where flowers and/or food are grown), and food. I love that my work has allowed me to talk to some truly amazing people, whose work involves great care and passion. When I’m not busy here at Bee & Bouquet, I’m happy to take on new writing projects. I’ve worked for a number of magazines and websites, promoted brands through blogging and social media, and am an experienced ghost writer.

If you’re in need of a writer, please get in touch!