The Jam Jar Cut Flower Garden

Small bunch of sweet peas, mint and briza

I’ve been growing flowers for cutting for some time now, and this year I want to encourage everyone to make space for flowers in their garden.

Anyone can create their very own cut flower garden – even if you’ve never grown flowers before, or think you don’t have enough time and/or space. With a bit of (enjoyable) work, it’s easy to create a cutting patch that will look great, and produce more than enough flowers to fill a jam jar or small vase. Imagine being able to pick a bunch of flowers every week through the summer and, with a bit of maintenance, well into autumn. I’m here to help. There will be regular seasonal updates on what to do, how and when to cut your homegrown flowers, and creative ideas for arranging them.

All the information will be here on the website, but if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, sign up to get an email whenever there’s something new using the box on the right of this page!

Get started growing your own bouquets – first steps